Superdrug TEA TREE Range Face Wash Review

Hey lovelies,

im back again with another review. This week, i will be talking about Superdrug’s Tea Tree Facial Wash and Superdrug’s Tea Tree Exfoliating Cream Wash.

ImageThe Superdrug Tea Tree Facial wash is available at Superdrug for £1.98.

ImageThe Superdrug Tea Tree Exfoliating Cream wash is also available at Superdrug for £3.30.

I first heard about Tea Tree when i was shopping at The Body Shop. As its well know that Tea Trea is good for handling breakouts and I have oily/combination skin, with the occasional pimple. Therefore i decided to try out this pair of Superdrug’s Tea Tree face care.

I use these 2 products together, as I believe that using an exfoliating cream wash on your face too often will dry out your skin. Therefore I alternate between these 2 products. As I use these products together, it is difficult for me to compare them. However I shall try to review them by giving you the pros and cons for each product.

Firstly, I shall review the Facial wash. This facial wash has managed to clear my skin and prevent any breakouts. It is also soft on the skin, thus not leaving the skin too dry and giving your skin a beautiful glow. Not only is this product good for your skin, it is also fairly cheaper than other products containing Tea Tree oils.

As for the Exfoliating cream wash, I use this relatively less often than the Facial wash as it is rougher on the skin. However, every time after Ive washed my face with this cream wash, my face feels refreshed and squeaky clean. You can definitely feel the walnut grains against your skin which slightly massages your face every time you wash it. Although I really love this face wash, as Ive mentioned above, this product is probably not suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Would I buy this product again?? Overall, I would definitely recommend this product to friends. Ive repeatedly purchased this products for a few months and will continue. As a first year university student, I enjoy saving as much money as possible. Therefore, the affordable prices of these products suites my life as well as these products are good for my skin.

Hope you found this review useful!! Have you guys tried these products before? What are your views on these products?

Have a good week and if you would like me to review a specific item, please feel free to comment below.

Tune in next Tuesday for another review! :)

Much Love,



P.s If you want to contact me, you can tweet me at @itslacour.


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