Bodyshop Matte It Primer

Hey all!

This week, i will be talking about my new Primer that i bought a few weeks ago. As the title suggests, its the Bodyshop Matte It Primer.

Bodyshop suggests this primer for normal and oily skin. This Primer is said to create a smoother base for foundation and has been designed to reduce shine while making make-up last longer.

This primer can be bought at Bodyshop for £12.00.

Bodyshop Matte It Primer

This is what the little tube looks like. Its very simple and small enough to fit into my makeup bag. However, dont let the size of this tube fool you, as you only need a little of this product for your entire face, therefore this tube can last you for a few months (approximately. Differs on individual usage).

I use this every morning as part of my morning make up routine. I squeeze just a tiny amount of this product onto my finger tips and rub it onto my face. As mentioned above, a little of this product goes a long way, so make sure not to squeeze too much. After using the primer, i like to let it set on my face for a few minutes before proceeding with my makeup routine.


As you can see from the above image, there is only a tiny hole to squeeze the primer out of, this makes it easier to control how much product you squeeze out.  When applying it on your face, it makes your face feels almost velvety and smooth. Since your face is smoother, it makes it easier to apply your foundation. It also fills in any pores, which gives your face a more airbrush and flawless look.

I also found that the matte function in this primer helps prevents the oily T-Zone from being too shiny. Although, i am disappointed to report that after a few hours, you can start to see traces of my shiny skin. Also, i felt that if i applied this without applying moisturiser to my face, my skin would feel very dry.

This primer is also useful as it is  gentle enough to double as an eyeshadow primer.

Overall I have enjoyed using this product as i love the velvety smooth feel to my skin after applying and i love how easily i can apply my makeup after using it. However, i would love if Bodyshop launched a new primer (or improvement) where the matte finish lasted longer.

Will i repurchase it? Maybe but as mentioned above, if Bodyshop was to release a new and improved primer with longer matte powers, i would definitely buy it in a heart beat!

Hope you have found this review useful!

Do you guys use primers? if yes, what are your favourite brands?

Have a good week and if you would like me to review a specific item, please feel free to comment below or tweet me at @itslacour.

Tune in next Tuesday for another beauty-related review! :)

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See you next week,

Nicole. xx


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