Clearasil Ultra Blemish + Mask Review

Hey huns,

So sorry that this post is a week late. Ive had been having exams, so i was preparing for them and therefore decided to skip a week of posting to prepare and revise.

Anyways, this week i am reviewing Clearasil Ultra Blemish + Mask Review. I bought this as it was a new product in my local superdrug and as i have used other Clearasil prodcuts, i was excited to try it out.

20130514-114855 PM.jpg


20130514-114941 PM.jpg

I sometimes get a few spots and i bought this product because it was for spots and contained good ingredients like lactic acid, which is great for spots. I also bought this cause its a two in one and i thought it would be super convenient.

20130514-115023 PM.jpg

I was really disappointed by this product. I dont think its done anything special for my skin. Ive used it as a mask and as a face wash several times throughout a few weeks and i have seen no difference. My face doesnt feel refreshed after using it. I personally dont like using it as a mask as its quite messy because it doesnt seem to dry out like other mask and its too watery so it ends up everywhere. Some other reviewers have even said that this product actually gives them more spots than reducing. Thankfully, this is not the case for me, but i have been using two different face wash, as per my usual face wash regime.

Truthfully, the only good thing about this product is that it smelled nice. Other than that, this did absolutely nothing for my face.

Would I repurchase? this is going to be a no for me, but i do like other Clearasil products.

Hope you have found this review useful!

Have/do you tried this product?? Which is your favorite face wash??

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Johnson’s Daily Essentials Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover VS Boots Essentials Cucumber Eye Make Up Remover Gel

Hey darlings, 

This week i will be doing a product comparison and also reviewing each product.

The first product i will talk about is Boots Essential Cucumber Eye Make-up remover. This product retails at Boots for £1.50.  



When i saw this product on sale in Boots, I was unsure if i would try it as I’ve never used a gel make-up remover before. But since it was on a special 2 for 1 discount, i decided to try it out. I mean what is the worst that can happen, right?  

To my surprised, I actually liked this product more than i thought i would. There is little to no smell (for those of you who are particular about your eye make-up remover scent), and as it is in gel form, i found that it gave a refreshing feeling after using it. It was also very effective in removing my water-proof mascara. However, I did find that one squeeze was often not enough and that i would need another cotton pad and another pump of this gel remover to fully remove all traces of my mascara. Also, this product seems to get in my eyes more often than the Johnson’s Daily Essentials Make-up remover, thus slightly irritating my eyes. 


The second product is Johnson’s Daily Essentials Gentle Eye Make-up Remover. I purchased this product at Boots for £3.29.



This eye make-up remover is bi-phase, so it will require shaking before use to blend the upper and lower liquid together.

I slightly prefer this to the Boots Essential Cucumber Eye Make-up remover (above) because when compared to the Boots Eye make-up remover, you need less product to get rid of the same amount of water-proof mascara. This Johnson’s eye make-up remover is also meant to condition your lashes and it is also gentle to the skin around your eyes, so if you have sensitive skin, this eye make-up remover will not irritate your skin. You simply have to put some of the product onto a cotton pad and place it over your eye for several seconds and your mascara will just melt away. I really have no negative comments on this product.


Comparing the both products together, I personally prefer the Johnson’s Eye make-up remover to the Boots, because it is more effective in doing its job. Also, price wise, the Boots eye make-up remover is definitely cheaper. But bearing in mind that you will probably need to use more product with the Boots eye make-up remover than with the Johnson’s eye make-up remover, that in the long run, it might actually be more wise to purchase the Johnson’s eye make-up remover.  

I would definitely re-purchase the Johnson’s Eye make-up remover as I’ve enjoyed using it and it will get my vote for favourite make-up remover of the week.


Hope you have found this review useful!! What eye make-up removers do you guys use? Which would you recommend to me? 

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Tea Tree Face Mask by Bodyshop

Hello lovelies,

This week, i will be reviewing Bodyshop’s Tea Tree Face Mask.


As mentioned in the name, this face mask can be bought at any Bodyshop store or online for £10.00. This product was recommended to me by a friend while we were out shopping.

At first, i was a little hesitant about buying this product as i wanted a mask that was effective  and that does not dry out my already dry/oily skin. However, with her persistant praises of this product, i decided to take her advice and give it a try.

So how did i find this product? My first impression after trying it out for a few weeks, was that it certainly did not dry out my skin. Also, after washing it away from your face, you get a refreshed and cleansed feeling, which was extremely refreshing especially after a busy day. As i am prone to blemishes, i find that using this product once a week, or more if necessary,  makes my skin less blemish prone.  In addition, as i only use this face mask once a week, i still have alot of product left even after using it for almost 3/4 months!

The only criticism might have for this product is that i am use to masks drying out on my face, so i can easily wash it off. However, for the Bodyshop Tea Tree Face Mask, it does not dry out, instead it stays wet on your face. On advantage of this is that you can store the product longer without worrying that it will dry out in its little pot. On the other hand, i find that i have to scrub my face a little harder than usual to fully wash off this product.

Would i buy this product again? DEFINITELY YES! I really love this product and, like ive mentioned above, ive been using it regularly for the past few months. Even though the price might be a little steep, considering how long you can use this product for, it seems to justify itself. In additional, i really like the feeling that this mask gives your skin after using it and blemish wise, if used regularly, i have noticed less blemishes appearing. I really love using this face mask and will surely recommend it to any of my friends or readers who either have blemish prone skin or just want a refreshed feeling for their face.

Hope you have found this review useful!! Have you guys tried any of Bodyshop’s Tea Tree range products? What are your views on this face mask?

Have a good week and if you would like me to review a specific item, please feel free to comment below.

Tune in next Tuesday for another review! :)

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Hey darlings, 

Im back again with another review for you.

I am really excited to review this OROGOLD moisturiser cream. Why? Ive heard many great things about this product and the sales assistant at the store promised me that this would be the best day cream Ive ever used. Was she right? Well, read on to find out! 😉 



(picture from OROGOLD reviews)

According to OROGOLD Cosmetic‘s website this Day cream is “designed to help reduce the appearance of expression lines, relax wrinkles ad restore softness, smoothness and radiance. This unique moisturiser melts on skin contact and help make those tiny dry areas disappear without making your skin feel oily”. In additon, this day cream, and any product from OROGOLD from their Gold Collection, contains 24K gold, which helps your skin to produce more collagen and reduce wrinkles. Not only does it have 24K gold in it, it also has Green Tea extracts, which helps reduce inflammation and skin damage , vitamins C and E which are all good for your skin. For more information, click here.   

So what do I think about this product…..

When I was first given this product, I have to admit, I was a little skeptical at first. Gold helps your skin?? Im a student! I dont have money for that! However, upon opening my little container of this moisturiser, I was surprised at the unique smell of this moisturiser. It smelt sweet and fresh, but the scent was not obvious, so this product can be used under makeup or perfume. As for the texture, It applied really smoothly onto my skin, leaving my dry areas moisture with the perfect amount of oil. However, when applied onto normal areas on my face, i personally felt like there was too much oil and tend to make my skin more oily than i would like it. It hasnt made me break out , which is a good thing, however, i feel the need to wash my face (the area which is normal skin type) a couple of hours after using this product. 

Price wise, it is selling on OROGOLD’s website for $128.00 (that’s £81.77 for my british readers..) It is a little pricey for the average student, however, you might want to think about getting this product as a long term purchase (combined with another drug store moisturiser), and use it only when your skin is dry. You also dont need a lot of product for one application, so your bottle will last you quite a long time. 

I would reccomend this product to people with DRY skin only. I find that it really helped with my dry forehead and it reduced the slight peeling on my forehead, leaving it feel rejuvenated and hydrated. I think this product is relatively new in the UK, with their new boutiques stores in Oxford Circus and Covent Garden (those are the only 2 Ive spotted in the last weeks, feel free to correct me if im wrong!) 

This product was definitely worth trying, if not for the price, i would probably repeat purchase. If you have DRY skin, this product is for you! 


Hope you have found this review useful!! Have you guys tried any of OROGOLD other products before? What are your views on this moisturiser?

Have a good week and if you would like me to review a specific item, please feel free to comment below.

Tune in next Tuesday for another review! :)

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Superdrug TEA TREE Range Face Wash Review

Hey lovelies,

im back again with another review. This week, i will be talking about Superdrug’s Tea Tree Facial Wash and Superdrug’s Tea Tree Exfoliating Cream Wash.

ImageThe Superdrug Tea Tree Facial wash is available at Superdrug for £1.98.

ImageThe Superdrug Tea Tree Exfoliating Cream wash is also available at Superdrug for £3.30.

I first heard about Tea Tree when i was shopping at The Body Shop. As its well know that Tea Trea is good for handling breakouts and I have oily/combination skin, with the occasional pimple. Therefore i decided to try out this pair of Superdrug’s Tea Tree face care.

I use these 2 products together, as I believe that using an exfoliating cream wash on your face too often will dry out your skin. Therefore I alternate between these 2 products. As I use these products together, it is difficult for me to compare them. However I shall try to review them by giving you the pros and cons for each product.

Firstly, I shall review the Facial wash. This facial wash has managed to clear my skin and prevent any breakouts. It is also soft on the skin, thus not leaving the skin too dry and giving your skin a beautiful glow. Not only is this product good for your skin, it is also fairly cheaper than other products containing Tea Tree oils.

As for the Exfoliating cream wash, I use this relatively less often than the Facial wash as it is rougher on the skin. However, every time after Ive washed my face with this cream wash, my face feels refreshed and squeaky clean. You can definitely feel the walnut grains against your skin which slightly massages your face every time you wash it. Although I really love this face wash, as Ive mentioned above, this product is probably not suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Would I buy this product again?? Overall, I would definitely recommend this product to friends. Ive repeatedly purchased this products for a few months and will continue. As a first year university student, I enjoy saving as much money as possible. Therefore, the affordable prices of these products suites my life as well as these products are good for my skin.

Hope you found this review useful!! Have you guys tried these products before? What are your views on these products?

Have a good week and if you would like me to review a specific item, please feel free to comment below.

Tune in next Tuesday for another review! :)

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Nivea Regenerating Night Cream

Hello lovelies, 

i’m back with another moisturiser review. Today i shall be reviewing Nivea Regenerating Night Cream. This product was recommended to me by a sales assistant working in Nivea’s concession in a Boots store.  



This product can be bought in Boots and Superdrug (both at £4.35). 

During the winter seasons, my skin can get very dry. This night cream helps me deal with the dry areas of my face without leaving my skin feeling too oily.  Even though it says night cream, it can be used in the morning as well. I use this once in the morning with in my foundation routine whenever my skin feels a little dehydrated, and another time in the evening after I’ve removed my makeup.  

After applying this night cream to my face, your skin instantly feels refreshed and there is a slight shine to the face, giving the face a healthy glow. 

The price of this might be a little steep for a student, however superdrug and boots often have major sales and this item is often reduced to around £2/3 ( this depends on the sales) which is a extremely good deal.  


Would I buy this product again? Definitely! Ive been using this for almost half a year now and i really love the effect of it.  I will recommend it to my friends, neighbours and even random strangers on the street! 


Hope you found this review useful! 

Have a good week and if you would like me to review a specific item, please feel free to comment below. 

Tune in next Tuesday for another review! 🙂 

Much Love, 



Keeping Moisturised this winter.


Hey all,

So im back with a moisturiser review.

Im going to be review 3 products:

  1. Vaseline Essential Moisture (Aloe Fresh Scented)
  2. The Body Shop (Grapefruit & Strawberry Scented)
  3. Victoria’s Secret Mango Temptation (Mango Nectar & Hibiscus)

So firstly the Vaseline Essential Moisture Moisturise.


This moisturiser was £2.69 from Boots. Heres what the company claims it does ‘Vaseline® Essential Moisture Aloe Fresh lotion leaves your skin feeling light & fresh.’

So the important question is “Does this product does what it says?”

My answer is yes. I really enjoyed using this moisturiser it kept my hands feeling soft and well moisturised without that oily feeling some other moisturisers leave your hands with. I also loved the fresh smell it left my hands with.

Price wise, I think £2.69 is a reasonable price for hand moisturisers and as a student, it was very affordable.

Will I buy it again? YES! I absolutely loved it. It was worth every £!


Secondly, The Body Shop (Grapefruit & Strawberry Scented).


20121203-110640 PM.jpg

I got these two Body butter from The Body Shop for £13.00 each. Heres what it says on the website:

‘Our famous Body Butter with a sweet Strawberry/Grapefruit scent. It is quickly absorbed and leaves skin feeling soft and smooth.

  • Hydrates
  • Leaves skin feeling soft and smooth
  • Buttery texture
  • Sweet raspberry scent’

so, “Does this product does what it says?”

This is my daily go to moisturiser. Not only do i love the cute little pots these moisturisers come in, i also love the wonderful fruity smell. However, sometimes the moisturiser leaves my hands a little more moistured than i would like it.

In addition, at £13.00 i think the price is a little high for students without much disposable incomes. However, when there is a sale at The Body Shop, nothing ever stops me from entering the store and coming out with a massive bag full of body butters and other products.

Will I buy it again? Yes if I have some extra money.


Lastly, The Victoria’s Secret Mango Temptation (Mango Nectar & Hibiscus)

20121203-110559 PM.jpg

I got given this Victoria’s Secret body lotion, so im unsure about the price. However for the purpose of writing this, I checked the website and found that they are £7 each and if you buy 5, you can get the products for £18, which is almost a steal!

‘Experience the luxury of fragrant hydration. Fast-absorbing formula contains nourishing aloe, oat and grapeseed extracts, plus antioxidant vitamins E and C.’

The texture of this moisturiser is probably my favourite out of these three. It feels so smooth when applying it on and my skin truly felt moisturised. I also love the pink and girly packaging. (Especially the really pink and cute box it comes in) However it would be better if it had a stronger and more longer lasting fragrance. I find that after using the product, i couldn’t smell the scent that much.

Priced at £7, its more expensive than the Vaseline Essential Moisture, but still cheaper than The Body Shop body butter. In addition, with the 5 for £18 bargain! Why not?

Will I buy it again? Maybe, if I found a scent that lasted longer.


Thats it for my moisturiser review! I hope you found this helpful.

Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions.