Maybelline Fit me Concealer Review

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A few days ago, i went on a drugstore hunt looking to replace the concealer i was using as it was running out. Lucky me, i went to Boots on the same day they had their big sale and most Maybelline products were on sale. As you may or may not know, Maybelline is one of my favourite drug store brand, so i bought a few items. One of the item is the Maybelline Fit me Concealer.

If you remember from a few posts back, when Maybelline first released their new Fit me foundation, I wrote a review on that. (You can check that out here) As i have already tried the Fit me foundation and liked it, i thought to myself, why not try the Concealer as well?

ImageSo this is what the packaging looks like. It is very similar the to Fit me foundation bottles. Simple and easy to caring around with.

ImageI got the concealer in shade 15, which is one of the lightest shades they had.

There was a good range of shades from dark to light, which i think will suit most peoples skin tones. There was even a guide on buying the right concealer right next to these products, which can be really helpful when youre not as good at picking out shades or just unsure of which shade will suite you.

ImageAs per normal concealers, it comes with a brush/applicator. The applicator scoops up a good amount of concealer. However sometimes it may be too much. I also find that with these applicators, they dont reach the bottom of the tube, so when there is little product left, its hard to scrape out the tiny bit thats left on the bottom. It annoys me when the brush doesnt reach the bottom and i have no other ways to get it out, and its a waste to throw it away while there is still some product left in the tube.


This concealer is very blendable and does not feel cakey or heavy. It has a light to medium coverage, so i tend to build it up more if i need it. However, sometimes i feel that this concealer is a little too watery for my liking. So to deal with that, i prime my face, then il let it sit on my under eye area for a few seconds before blending it out and applying foundation. I find that applying it this way helps with getting more coverage. It is a little time consuming though, but i just take that time to do other stuff, like reading other blogs or updating my tumblr.

Will i buy it again?

Yes, since im currently using the Fit me foundation, i think this concealer is a perfect match for it. I also like the range of shade they have in store and will definitely be buying some of their other shades for blending etc.

Hope you have found this review useful!

Have/do you use the Fit me concealer or foundation from Maybelline? What is your favourite concealer brand at the moment??

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Bodyshop Matte It Primer

Hey all!

This week, i will be talking about my new Primer that i bought a few weeks ago. As the title suggests, its the Bodyshop Matte It Primer.

Bodyshop suggests this primer for normal and oily skin. This Primer is said to create a smoother base for foundation and has been designed to reduce shine while making make-up last longer.

This primer can be bought at Bodyshop for £12.00.

Bodyshop Matte It Primer

This is what the little tube looks like. Its very simple and small enough to fit into my makeup bag. However, dont let the size of this tube fool you, as you only need a little of this product for your entire face, therefore this tube can last you for a few months (approximately. Differs on individual usage).

I use this every morning as part of my morning make up routine. I squeeze just a tiny amount of this product onto my finger tips and rub it onto my face. As mentioned above, a little of this product goes a long way, so make sure not to squeeze too much. After using the primer, i like to let it set on my face for a few minutes before proceeding with my makeup routine.


As you can see from the above image, there is only a tiny hole to squeeze the primer out of, this makes it easier to control how much product you squeeze out.  When applying it on your face, it makes your face feels almost velvety and smooth. Since your face is smoother, it makes it easier to apply your foundation. It also fills in any pores, which gives your face a more airbrush and flawless look.

I also found that the matte function in this primer helps prevents the oily T-Zone from being too shiny. Although, i am disappointed to report that after a few hours, you can start to see traces of my shiny skin. Also, i felt that if i applied this without applying moisturiser to my face, my skin would feel very dry.

This primer is also useful as it is  gentle enough to double as an eyeshadow primer.

Overall I have enjoyed using this product as i love the velvety smooth feel to my skin after applying and i love how easily i can apply my makeup after using it. However, i would love if Bodyshop launched a new primer (or improvement) where the matte finish lasted longer.

Will i repurchase it? Maybe but as mentioned above, if Bodyshop was to release a new and improved primer with longer matte powers, i would definitely buy it in a heart beat!

Hope you have found this review useful!

Do you guys use primers? if yes, what are your favourite brands?

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Maybelline NEW Fit Me Foundation

Hey darlings,

Sorry for the lack of posts, ive been busy with assignments and studying for tests. So im back with a new liquid foundation review. I was sent this foundation by Maybelline a few days ago and I’ve been looking forward to trying it as Maybelline has always been my favourite makeup brand. So i hope you find this review useful.

As mentioned above, the foundation reviewed in this post is :

  1. Maybelline Fit Me FoundationImage

The following are taken from Maybelline (2013) website about this foundation.



The secret of Fit Me Foundation? Some waxes and fillers can mask your skin colour, Fit Me Foundation has none. Its transluscent gel based formula merges seamlessly with your skin.
Fit Me Foundation, Concealer and Powder are made to fit together by shade numbers, so finding your shade couldn’t be easier. Looks natural, feels so light. SPF 18.
According to the website, this foundation is meant to unify the skin tone while hiding imperfections and giving you a natural, non-cakey look. So, does this foundation does what its advertised to do?
This foundation was really easy to apply and gives the skin a dewy, natural look. However, I personally think this foundation is a little too liquid, thus giving my face a not as matt as i like look.
The coverage for this foundation is medium, again this gives you a more natural look. However more coverage can be built up when applying more foundation to areas that you want more coverage. This foundation blends well into the skin and is very long wearing. It also has a great color range, so it will suite whatever skin color. At £7.99, this foundation is affordable and good for daily wear.
Would i buy this foundation again?  Maybe. I personally prefer a more matt finish foundation, however if you like a satiny finish this is the foundation for you.
I hope youve found this review useful :)
Have a good week and i shall be posting reviews every monday, so see you next monday!
Love, Nicole xx

Liquid Foundation Reviews

Hey darlings,

hows your week going? I hope all is well. 🙂

This is going to be a foundation review post. Ive got sent 3 different foundations from 3 companies, so im going to compare the 3 of them with my daily go-to foundation that i always use.

The foundations that are going to be in this review are:

  1. L’oréal Revitalift BB Cream
  2. Max Factor Face Finity All Day Flawless 3 in 1 Foundation
  3. Maybelline Super Stay 24hrs Foundation

So firstly, the L’oréal Revitalift BB Cream. I know that this isnt a foundation, but BB Cream can be used as foundation.


This product can be bought for £14.99 (Price from Superdrug, I couldnt seem to find it on the L’oreal website)

Personally this was my least favourite out of the 4 foundations. It was difficult to apply and if you applied just a little too much, it would start to rub off, giving your skin a weird tone. Also if you’re looking for a foundation/BB cream with a strong coverage, this is not the BB cream for you. This BB cream has minimal coverage, something that I didn’t really like. After wearing this foundation for a whole day at university, my face felt oily and dirty and i just wanted to rush home to clean it all off.

Would I purchase it next time? personally, I think this foundation is not right for me as i prefer a foundation with a better coverage. However, if you’re looking for a foundation/BB cream that has light coverage, this would be perfect for you. However, I didn’t like the way it felt on my skin after a 9 hour day at university, and im not sure if it was just not compatible with my skin type, or if its a common feeling among other users.

Second product mentioned above is the Max Factor Face Finity All Day Flawless 3 in 1 Foundation. 


This product can also be bought in any drugstore for £11.99 (Price from Superdrug).

This foundation was very easy to apply and it was very smooth when applying onto the face. This makes it easier to spread out the foundation evenly. As it was a 3 in 1 foundation, it sped up my makeup process as i didn’t need to apply primer, concealer and foundation separately. It gave me a good medium coverage. After 7 hours of wearing this foundation, my skin still felt nice and clean with very little shine. There was also very little transfer of this foundation onto napkins/shirts etc which is always good.

Would I purchase it next time? Yes I would. It does exaclty what it was advertised to do. My face felt clean and able to breath. It also stayed matte on my face for the whole day. The 3 in 1 elemant also meant less time spent in the morning doing my makeup, which also means more time in bed for me! Price wise, £11.99 is a reasonable price considering that this foundation is your primer, concealer and foundation ALL in one! Just perfect.


The last foundation is the Maybelline Super Stay 24hrs Foundation. 


This product can be bought at any drugstore for £9.19. (Price from Superdrug)

This is my everyday go-to foundation. Ive been a loyal user of this foundation ever since it came out a few years ago. I love this foundation as its got great medium to almost high coverage. It really stays on your face for as long as you have it on and it also leaves my skin feeling fresh after 7 hours of wearing it. One downfall of this foundation is that there is whenever I go to the store to buy some more, there seem to be only 3/4 different shades left.  However, after checking the Maybelline website, I was surprised to find 12 different shades! Another thing about this foundation is that it transfer onto your shirt or paper or anything! So wearers will have to be careful when trying on clothes etc. ( Although im sure everyone is careful not to smudge their makeup when trying on clothes)

Would i buy this product again? Yes. Ive been buying this foundation for almost 2/3 years. I think the coverage is just perfect for me and it actually stays on your face throughout the day without leaving your face feeling icky. In addition, it is cheaper than the other foundations mentioned above which is good for a student on a tight budget.