Bodyshop Matte It Primer

Hey all!

This week, i will be talking about my new Primer that i bought a few weeks ago. As the title suggests, its the Bodyshop Matte It Primer.

Bodyshop suggests this primer for normal and oily skin. This Primer is said to create a smoother base for foundation and has been designed to reduce shine while making make-up last longer.

This primer can be bought at Bodyshop for £12.00.

Bodyshop Matte It Primer

This is what the little tube looks like. Its very simple and small enough to fit into my makeup bag. However, dont let the size of this tube fool you, as you only need a little of this product for your entire face, therefore this tube can last you for a few months (approximately. Differs on individual usage).

I use this every morning as part of my morning make up routine. I squeeze just a tiny amount of this product onto my finger tips and rub it onto my face. As mentioned above, a little of this product goes a long way, so make sure not to squeeze too much. After using the primer, i like to let it set on my face for a few minutes before proceeding with my makeup routine.


As you can see from the above image, there is only a tiny hole to squeeze the primer out of, this makes it easier to control how much product you squeeze out.  When applying it on your face, it makes your face feels almost velvety and smooth. Since your face is smoother, it makes it easier to apply your foundation. It also fills in any pores, which gives your face a more airbrush and flawless look.

I also found that the matte function in this primer helps prevents the oily T-Zone from being too shiny. Although, i am disappointed to report that after a few hours, you can start to see traces of my shiny skin. Also, i felt that if i applied this without applying moisturiser to my face, my skin would feel very dry.

This primer is also useful as it is  gentle enough to double as an eyeshadow primer.

Overall I have enjoyed using this product as i love the velvety smooth feel to my skin after applying and i love how easily i can apply my makeup after using it. However, i would love if Bodyshop launched a new primer (or improvement) where the matte finish lasted longer.

Will i repurchase it? Maybe but as mentioned above, if Bodyshop was to release a new and improved primer with longer matte powers, i would definitely buy it in a heart beat!

Hope you have found this review useful!

Do you guys use primers? if yes, what are your favourite brands?

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EcoTools Brushes Review – Buffing Brush & Angled Eyeliner Brush

Hey dolls,

so ive been debating with myself about the best way to apply makeup. After careful consideration and research, a few weeks ago, i finally caved and bought a brand new set of make-up brushes.

What brand did I end up buying? Well, i was walking around the store wondering which brand would be the best, while taking into consideration of the quality and prices.

The one brand which caught my eye was EcoTools. (I purchased mine at Boots)


One of the first things that drew me to this brand was the fact that EcoTools are all about being green and helping the environment. EcoTools is a member of 1% For The Planet, which is a group of businesses who support environmental initiatives. Not only does EcoTools  donate 1% of their annual revenue to environmental causes, their products are also 100% cruelty free, using natural elements to stay as green as possible. Their cosmetic brushes are made from sleek bamboo, recycled aluminium and synthetic taklon bristle.

If you know me, you would know that Im all about protecting the environment and I absolutely love companies that give back to the environment/society.

The packages that the brushes come in are simple and super convenient as they come in little resealable pouches, the back of the pouch has instructions on how to use the brush and they even have a “Green Tip” on the back of each.

I thought I would start my brush collection with my two most used brushes:

Buffing Brush

I bought this brush because I wanted a buffing brush to blend my concealer and foundation. One of the good things about this brush is that it blends out any harsh lines perfectly without blending it out too much and loosing the desired coverage, leaving the skin looking natural.  I find the bristles very soft and dense, which is perfect for distributing my foundation or bb cream evenly without any streaking. Size wise, i find that its just the right size thus allowing easy control and application.

Angled Eyeliner Brush

Before using this Eyeliner brush, i was using a Maybelline eyeliner brush. I find that with the Maybelline, it was difficult to draw thin lines as the brush was too thick. After switching to this bamboo angled eyeliner brush by EcoTools, i found that it is just perfect for applying eyeliner. As the bristles are extremely soft, it makes the process of applying eyeliner smoother. The bristles are also very define, allowing the user to have absolute control over the brush, thus better control over the thickness of the lines, and build up if necessary.

Ive washed both brushes several times and the bristles in both brushes have stayed in place, there was no dividing that you may get with other brushes and theres is no shedding at all! It always dries smoothly and quickly.

Overall, I LOVED my two brushes and will definitely be getting more of their brushes. Not only do they help with the environment, they also have nice packaging with very useful and beautiful brushes.

Hope you have found this review useful!

What make-up brushes do you guys use?

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Mani Monday

Hey all,

So firstly I want to apologise for my lack of post last week. I’ve been so busy with my university assignments that this few weeks have been hectic.

Anyways, I thought I would start this week with a nail related post.

This month I’ve been loving matte nails.

I recently purchased Rimmels Pro Matte Top Coat from Boots for £4.59.

20130311-113126 PM.jpg

This is what it looks like on my nails.

20130311-113550 PM.jpg

So far I’ve been experimenting with matte nails and shiny tips, kinda like a French manicure. I will be trying more patterns once I’ve gotten bored with the matte base and shiny tip nails.

The brush given in this nail polish bottle is bigger and harder than the usual brushes, which allows users to apply it more evenly onto your nails and cover more area with just two strokes.

I would used two coats of your red as I think two coats makes the color pop. Once both coats are completely dry you can start applying the matte topcoat! Within seconds, you will notice the matte effect appearing.

It does give a matte finish, however it’s not as matte as I would like it. I have found myself applying more than one coat to each nail in order to achieve a more matte finish.

Besides that, I really liked this nail polish. And would definitely recommend it to my friends and my fellow bloggers!


Will you be investing in a matte top coat? or have you already bought a matte top coat? if so, what do you think of it?

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Johnson’s Daily Essentials Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover VS Boots Essentials Cucumber Eye Make Up Remover Gel

Hey darlings, 

This week i will be doing a product comparison and also reviewing each product.

The first product i will talk about is Boots Essential Cucumber Eye Make-up remover. This product retails at Boots for £1.50.  



When i saw this product on sale in Boots, I was unsure if i would try it as I’ve never used a gel make-up remover before. But since it was on a special 2 for 1 discount, i decided to try it out. I mean what is the worst that can happen, right?  

To my surprised, I actually liked this product more than i thought i would. There is little to no smell (for those of you who are particular about your eye make-up remover scent), and as it is in gel form, i found that it gave a refreshing feeling after using it. It was also very effective in removing my water-proof mascara. However, I did find that one squeeze was often not enough and that i would need another cotton pad and another pump of this gel remover to fully remove all traces of my mascara. Also, this product seems to get in my eyes more often than the Johnson’s Daily Essentials Make-up remover, thus slightly irritating my eyes. 


The second product is Johnson’s Daily Essentials Gentle Eye Make-up Remover. I purchased this product at Boots for £3.29.



This eye make-up remover is bi-phase, so it will require shaking before use to blend the upper and lower liquid together.

I slightly prefer this to the Boots Essential Cucumber Eye Make-up remover (above) because when compared to the Boots Eye make-up remover, you need less product to get rid of the same amount of water-proof mascara. This Johnson’s eye make-up remover is also meant to condition your lashes and it is also gentle to the skin around your eyes, so if you have sensitive skin, this eye make-up remover will not irritate your skin. You simply have to put some of the product onto a cotton pad and place it over your eye for several seconds and your mascara will just melt away. I really have no negative comments on this product.


Comparing the both products together, I personally prefer the Johnson’s Eye make-up remover to the Boots, because it is more effective in doing its job. Also, price wise, the Boots eye make-up remover is definitely cheaper. But bearing in mind that you will probably need to use more product with the Boots eye make-up remover than with the Johnson’s eye make-up remover, that in the long run, it might actually be more wise to purchase the Johnson’s eye make-up remover.  

I would definitely re-purchase the Johnson’s Eye make-up remover as I’ve enjoyed using it and it will get my vote for favourite make-up remover of the week.


Hope you have found this review useful!! What eye make-up removers do you guys use? Which would you recommend to me? 

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Tea Tree Face Mask by Bodyshop

Hello lovelies,

This week, i will be reviewing Bodyshop’s Tea Tree Face Mask.


As mentioned in the name, this face mask can be bought at any Bodyshop store or online for £10.00. This product was recommended to me by a friend while we were out shopping.

At first, i was a little hesitant about buying this product as i wanted a mask that was effective  and that does not dry out my already dry/oily skin. However, with her persistant praises of this product, i decided to take her advice and give it a try.

So how did i find this product? My first impression after trying it out for a few weeks, was that it certainly did not dry out my skin. Also, after washing it away from your face, you get a refreshed and cleansed feeling, which was extremely refreshing especially after a busy day. As i am prone to blemishes, i find that using this product once a week, or more if necessary,  makes my skin less blemish prone.  In addition, as i only use this face mask once a week, i still have alot of product left even after using it for almost 3/4 months!

The only criticism might have for this product is that i am use to masks drying out on my face, so i can easily wash it off. However, for the Bodyshop Tea Tree Face Mask, it does not dry out, instead it stays wet on your face. On advantage of this is that you can store the product longer without worrying that it will dry out in its little pot. On the other hand, i find that i have to scrub my face a little harder than usual to fully wash off this product.

Would i buy this product again? DEFINITELY YES! I really love this product and, like ive mentioned above, ive been using it regularly for the past few months. Even though the price might be a little steep, considering how long you can use this product for, it seems to justify itself. In additional, i really like the feeling that this mask gives your skin after using it and blemish wise, if used regularly, i have noticed less blemishes appearing. I really love using this face mask and will surely recommend it to any of my friends or readers who either have blemish prone skin or just want a refreshed feeling for their face.

Hope you have found this review useful!! Have you guys tried any of Bodyshop’s Tea Tree range products? What are your views on this face mask?

Have a good week and if you would like me to review a specific item, please feel free to comment below.

Tune in next Tuesday for another review! :)

Much Love,


Tag: Confession of a Beauty Blogger

Hello darlings,

I thought i would switch it up a little, so this week i shall be doing this tag instead which i found on Nicoles beauty blog.

❤ Skincare:

How many times you wash your face daily?
Twice a day if im not wearing makeup, Three times a day if ive put on makeup.

What skin type do you have?
the good’ol combination skin.

What is your current facial wash?
Im currently using Olay Essential Refreshing Face Wash.

Do you exfoliate?
Yes, at least twice a week.

What moisturizer are you using?
my favourite Nivea oil free moisturising day cream.

Do you use eye cream?
Not at the moment.

Do you or did you have acne prone skin?
I use to break out when i was in middle/high school, however now with my skin care routine, I break out less often.

❤ Makeup:
What foundation do you use?
Maybelline 24hr Super Stay (read my thoughts on it here

How about concealer?
I using Maybelline’s Fit Me concealer or Revlon in (02 Light).

Do you know your undertone colour?

What do you think of fake eyelashes?
I very rarely use them, unless im at a photoshoot or any other modeling job.

What brand of mascara do you use?
I change my mascara all the time, but currently im using Maybelline Falsies in Black Drama.

Sephora or MAC?
SEPHORA. Remember going in there when i was a young child and loving all the make up products. in fact i still do.

Do you have a MAC Pro-card?

Do you use makeup base/primer for the eyes?
Only when i do use eyeshadow, i use Urban Decay’s primer potion. I dont usually use eyeshadow on my day to day makeup.

For the face?
I dont use a primer, just moisturiser and other creams.

What is your favorite eyeshadow? (colour or shade?)
My most used eyeshadow shade is my lilac coloured eyeshadow pot from Lulu Castagnette. Its subtle enough for a day look and can be transitioned into a evening look with a touch of eyeliner.

Do you use pencil or liquid eyeliner?
Both, liquid liner on my top lash line and pencil liner in my waterline.

What’s your favorite lipstick?
I dont really use lipstick that often, i often go for a lighter look with lipgloss. However, at the moment, my favourite lipstick is Maybelline Natural Glow (shade 635). My favourite lipgloss is MAC LipGelee in shade Glosspitality.

Do you like drugstore makeup?
Yes. as a student the prices are reasonable and affordable. I also think that sometimes drug store products are overlooked just because they are labeled as “drugstore” products.

Did you ever consider taking makeup classes?
not really.

Name a makeup crime that you hate?
When people pile on too much make up. Make up is meant to enchace your beauty, not cover it up! 😉

Which celebrity always has great makeup?
This is difficult, there are just too many to name. I pin all the pictures i find on the web onto my Make up Board on Pinterest, so click here to see all the celebs and models with simply gorgeous make up.

If you could leave the house using just one makeup item, what would you use?
Foundation/tinted moisturiser.

Could you ever leave the house without any makeup?
Yes I occasionally do. In fact, i hardly wear any makeup day to day..

What do you think of makeup?
I see make up as a tool to enhance beauty and it is also fun to experiment with all the different types of make up products there are.  I think everyone has a different approach to make up, with different end results, thus make up enables us to further express ourselves.


How many hours a week do you spend writing/editing posts?
Reviews typically take up to 3 hours to type up as I have to research on the product. If it is a product sent directly from the company, I also have to try it out for at least a week before writing the reviews on it. Therefore I only post reviews once a week, as it will give me enough time to try out the product before writing about it.

When is it easiest for you to blog?
In the evening, with some candles.

What makes writing behind the computer comfortable for you?
I can write drafts and plan out what my review main topics are going to cover, and go back and edit if necessary.

How long does it take for you to prep a post?
As mentioned above, i usually take 1 week or more to try the product on myself before writing any reviews. I also like to research more about the product itself before writing any thing.

Who is a blogger that you read who deserves more readers?
As im new to this blogging thing, I dont really know any bloggers. If you would like me to check out your blog, please leave a comment below with your URL!

❤ I hope this was somewhat entertaining for you! I tag all of my readers to do this post and be sure to link it to me as i would love to read your answers to these questions!

Let me know if you would like more of these types of post, in addition to the weekly reviews.

As usual, if you would like me to specifically review any products, feel free to leave a comment below.

Have a good week!

See you next tuesday with another review!

Much love,



Hey darlings, 

Im back again with another review for you.

I am really excited to review this OROGOLD moisturiser cream. Why? Ive heard many great things about this product and the sales assistant at the store promised me that this would be the best day cream Ive ever used. Was she right? Well, read on to find out! 😉 



(picture from OROGOLD reviews)

According to OROGOLD Cosmetic‘s website this Day cream is “designed to help reduce the appearance of expression lines, relax wrinkles ad restore softness, smoothness and radiance. This unique moisturiser melts on skin contact and help make those tiny dry areas disappear without making your skin feel oily”. In additon, this day cream, and any product from OROGOLD from their Gold Collection, contains 24K gold, which helps your skin to produce more collagen and reduce wrinkles. Not only does it have 24K gold in it, it also has Green Tea extracts, which helps reduce inflammation and skin damage , vitamins C and E which are all good for your skin. For more information, click here.   

So what do I think about this product…..

When I was first given this product, I have to admit, I was a little skeptical at first. Gold helps your skin?? Im a student! I dont have money for that! However, upon opening my little container of this moisturiser, I was surprised at the unique smell of this moisturiser. It smelt sweet and fresh, but the scent was not obvious, so this product can be used under makeup or perfume. As for the texture, It applied really smoothly onto my skin, leaving my dry areas moisture with the perfect amount of oil. However, when applied onto normal areas on my face, i personally felt like there was too much oil and tend to make my skin more oily than i would like it. It hasnt made me break out , which is a good thing, however, i feel the need to wash my face (the area which is normal skin type) a couple of hours after using this product. 

Price wise, it is selling on OROGOLD’s website for $128.00 (that’s £81.77 for my british readers..) It is a little pricey for the average student, however, you might want to think about getting this product as a long term purchase (combined with another drug store moisturiser), and use it only when your skin is dry. You also dont need a lot of product for one application, so your bottle will last you quite a long time. 

I would reccomend this product to people with DRY skin only. I find that it really helped with my dry forehead and it reduced the slight peeling on my forehead, leaving it feel rejuvenated and hydrated. I think this product is relatively new in the UK, with their new boutiques stores in Oxford Circus and Covent Garden (those are the only 2 Ive spotted in the last weeks, feel free to correct me if im wrong!) 

This product was definitely worth trying, if not for the price, i would probably repeat purchase. If you have DRY skin, this product is for you! 


Hope you have found this review useful!! Have you guys tried any of OROGOLD other products before? What are your views on this moisturiser?

Have a good week and if you would like me to review a specific item, please feel free to comment below.

Tune in next Tuesday for another review! :)

Much Love,