BodyShop All-In-One Blushes Review

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I hope you guys had a great relaxing warm weekend, i certainly didnt as the weather in London has been freezing these past few days! Anyways, Im back again and this week i shall be reviewing my new fav of the week blushes, both of them are from Bodyshop.

I walked into Bodyshop a few weeks ago, saw this range of blushes and just couldnt walk out of the store without purchasing any.

I ended up buying 2 blushes, Macaroon and Flush respectively. Both blushes can be bought in store or online on Bodyshop’s website for £8.00.



Flush is a more mid-tone peachy pink shade which i think will suit both fair and dark skins. It also contains more shimmer compared to Macaroon, which is a more matte coral shade.

Both blushes are very pigmented, perhaps due to its Marula Oil content, giving the blushes great color pay-off.

The staying power is also pretty good, it stays on my cheeks throughout the day without any touch-up.  It is also unscented, but thats not really a big deal-breaker for me.

The blush is in a dome-like shape case which is light, making it easy to pop into your purse or makeup bag whenever traveling. Even though the pots are not that big, compared to other drugstore brands, it does last a relatively long time.

Heres a swatch of each blush..


As you can see, the Flush comes up more stronger and bolder than the Macaroon. Flush would be good for a night out or a dinner party, however i personally think it might be too bold for a day wear on a pale skin. Currently, ive been using Macaroon more often than Flush as i feel that the coral matte shade is perfect for spring and give a subtle rosiness to the cheeks. When summer comes and i become tanner (hopefully), i will probably be using more of the Flush shade.

Both blushes are soft and smooth in texture as you can expect from Bodyshop, and the pigment is not as daunting as seen in the pan, both can be build up with more layers.

Will i buy it again?

I will probably try out their other shades, but i do love Bodyshop’s blushes and will recommend this to anyone who wants a good product at a reasonable price.

Hope you have found this review useful!

Have you used Bodyshop’s blusher?? if yes, what are your favourite shades?

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