Maybelline – The Rocket Volume Express VS The Falsies Black Drama mascara

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im back this week to review my top two favorite mascaras. If you know me, you will know that im in love with Maybelline’s mascara and

Lets start with the mascara I absolutely love right now, the Rocket Volume Express mascara.


When this mascara was released, all beauty blogs and youtube gurus were raving about it. However, i wasnt sure if i would like it as much, due to its thicker wand and i prefer the thinner wands, such as the Falsie’s.


I went to boots and they had this mascara in waterproof or normal, so i bought the waterproof one.

My first impressions on it was that it was wetter than maybellines other mascaras, such as their Falsies. After one coat, it goes on really heavy and i feel that it doesn’t separate my lashes and clumps it together. However, i understand that this is how to achieve volume on your lashes. But i do wish it wasn’t so wet, cause i have to wait a while for it to dry, otherwise i will get speckles of mascara on my cheeks after blinking. However, after using it for a few weeks, it has become less watery and applies on more smoothly than before.  This mascara gives great length and volume. It stays on nicely throughout the day, without leaving you with “panda” eyes. With a great staying power like this mascara, when night comes, it is relatively harder to remove than the Falsies mascara.

The Falsie Black Drama mascara was one of my favourite mascara, before the Rocket Volume Express mascara was released.


When i first used this mascara, it was rather wet as well and i was also not accustomed to the brush. However, there are instructions on how to best use this brush on the back of the mascara tube as well as on the back of the packaging. Once ive gotten the hang of it, and once it became less wet, I grew to love this mascara.


It kept my lashes curled throughtout the day and gave me very black and dramatic eyelashes. However, i found that it sometimes smudged a little onto my cheeks. I also thought that it gave less volume compared to the Rocket Volume Express mascara. It was also relatively easier to remove at the end of the day, compared to the other mascara.

Would i repurchase these mascara?

Yes, being a loyal fan of Maybelline’s mascara, im always trying out all of their mascara and i really like these two mascaras as well. Will definitely buy these again, unless Maybelline launches another new mascara.

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Have/do you use these mascara?? Which is your favorite mascara??

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