Bourjois Délice De Poudre Bronzing Powder

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Firstly, i want to say my heart goes out to all those affected by the 2 explosions in Boston yesterday and the Earthquake in India and Iran. I will be keeping everyone affected in my mind.

This week i shall be reviewing Bourjois Délice de poundre bronzing powder. There was a lot of hype for this bronzer so I decided to try it out. I bought this bronzer at Superdrug for £6.99, which is an alright price.

2013-04-16 23.23.21

My favourite thing about this bronzing powder is the packaging. It comes in a little cute cardboard book-like packaging which has a magnetic close, making it thin and convenient for travelling. I have this bronzer in the ’52’ shade. However, one down side of this packaging is that most of it is in French, so I have no idea if i have the paler or darker one.


Inside, there is a good amount of the bronzer. The bronzer is in the style of a chocolate bar and it smells just like chocolate.

The color is not orangey at all and it makes your face looks nice and goldeny brown as there are specks of glitter in it, but dont worry, if youre not a fan of glitter because it is not obvious once applied onto your face. I personally find that this bronzer is too dark for my skin during the winter, however in the summer it is just perfect.

2013-04-16 23.24.36

2013-04-16 23.25.19

The product is perfect for contouring and if you have darker skin, it might take quite a lot of building in order to actually see the product on my skin. Even though on somedays, i think this shade is a little too dark for my skin, it is perfect for contouring and gives me a nice healthy glow without being too obvious. It also blends perfectly with whatever blusher Im using.

Will i buy it again?

I really enjoy using this bronzer because it is one of the best drugstore bronzers I have bought, I might even go as far as to say it is better than some of the high end bronzers I have used in the past. I would recommend and buy again.

Hope you have found this review useful!

Have/do you use the this bronzer?? Is there any other good drug store bronzer to recommend to me?

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